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Chicago advertising agencies, chicago advertising agenciesChicago Advertising Agencies: The following is a list of select mid-size top Chicago advertising agencies. We qualify those on the list to ensure quality and their capability to apply all disciplines of marketing and advertising that will increase your company's profits. In other words, they're the best mid-size independent ad agencies in Chicago. These Chicago ad agencies are well versed in tradition, digital, web site development, SEO, PR and more. And at their size, you'll get nothing but the best service. In addition, these Chicago advertising agencies have a national presence with the American Advertising Agencies network. Click and go directly to their web site!

Top Independent Chicago Advertising Agencies
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CBD ad agency chicagoCBD Marketing

Welcome to a fresh approach to integrated marketing communications. CBD is a B2C and B2B advertising agency that clarifies and articulates what's most meaningful about your brand, product or service to build more intimate and profitable relationships with your customers.

monogram ad agency chicagoThe Monogram Group

The way we see it, brand is the DNA of every successful organization. We use big ideas to turn your brand into powerful leverage. Our step-by-step process identifies user insights, creates the foundational assets, and then puts them to work smartly, cost-effectively ... and measurably. So, let's talk about your brand, shall we?

Harris D. McKinney logoHarris D. McKinney

Harris D. McKinney, a marketing and branding agency, focuses on the life sciences, healthcare, technology and precision manufacturing sectors. We work with clients to uncover meaningful insights, strengthen brands and deliver measurable outcomes that lead to an increase in sales and valuation.

chicago advertising agencies plumtree logoThe Plum Tree Group

We are a fully integrated digital agency.

Cool + Digital + Creative + Mobile + Interactive + Technology + Animation + Marketing + Strategy

Hangar 12 ad agency logo HANGAR 12

HANGAR 12 is a group of leading marketing agencies that specialize in the strategic development, packaging and promotion of branded consumer packaged goods. PIVOT – is about strategic innovation, PKG specializes in branding and package design, TWO/TEN is a top ranked digital and promotion agency. Our three core areas of expertise are adaptable to be utilized separately or as an integrated whole.

Torque ad agency logoTorque

Today’s market isn’t recovering: this is the new normal. Companies need marketing and business answers amid the competitive crush and media noise. Torque leads clients with brand marketing agency services, to launch, evolve and grow.

Ungar ad agency logoThe Ungar Group

Helping clients out-think their competition.

Jacobs ad agency logoJacobs Agency

Jacobs Agency helps clients untangle their business problems. Today's communications landscape has complexities that can immobilize even the brightest marketers. With our marketing model, Through the Linessm engagement and our Objectives-Based Approach, we navigate the landscape's intricacies and deliver breakthrough results.

Meyers Partners ad agency logoMeyers + Partners

Meyers + Partners is an advertising agency without the advertising b.s. We don’t have an edgy name. We don’t dress all in black. We don’t spew self-absorbed adspeak. We create smart ideas that help brands grow.

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